Editing custom satellite?

How to edit custom satellite in skylark or ssh?

Piotrek, sp5xsb

I’dont quite understand your question, but there is no point in adding a sat in the receiver.

You can us one of the three Outernet satellites that are in space right now.
Take a look at Outernet.is/Signal to find the right one for your area.

I hope that helps you. If not: Please explain your question a little bit more.

reagrds from Germany,

Simply RTLSDR from Outernet shop is nor working above 5-6 Celsius degress. Checked with HDSDR. I am trying change rx to RTLSDR 820T, but I think +48 ppm frequency deviation is too big!

Piotrek, sp5xsb

Ah okay, so you want to change the SDR (Hardware). That has nothing to do with the Satellites :slight_smile:

You can use any SDR that can receive on around 1,5Ghz (L-Band) without any Problems. Which of the SDRs did you get?
I had both of them and they are working fine.

So you have overheating issues?

Also it would be helpfull to know where you live (country is enough).



regards from Germany,