EduCase Portable Classroom

Some time ago I decided I wanted to incorporate the Outernet receiver into my portable classroom project and I was able to do so with the KU band portable folding dish. Since that system was shut down I ordered the patch antenna and I’m really happy to report it is working great here in SW Ontario. I’m able to get up over 8 SNR at times no problem when the conditions are great.

In case anyone else is interested in making their own portable classroom/communication/disaster relief system- I’ve posted all the design, code and instructions free and open source here: The Outernet receiver is a nice little addition to the system and now with the L band transmissions- its much more portable.

Thanks for all the work Outernet team! Cheers


Will work this portable satellite dish (Directv) with Linear standar LNB/LNBF FTA KU BAND 10750 GALAXY 25 19 HD for Outernet with RTL-SDR dongle and with CHIP ?

The dish was used for KU band which is no longer active