Email receiving?

In the past i had a satelliet reciever that could receive free text emails on his own email adress, offcourse i could not send email. Wil this be available on outernet? A sort of push email.

Not initially, but it’s an interesting idea. I’ll think about how to incorporate it.

This is a good idea. Speaking of good ideas, I’ll create a new category: Feature Requests.

The one thing about this is that the email would be either publicly viewable, because we all content is sent in the clear. Or you would need a key that unlocks the content. The latter is possible, but we haven’t focused on this at all, to date.

In order to have this type of functionality, we need to clear a couple of hurdles:

  1. We need a way for the user to register a receiving address, which may be challenging without a way to contact Outernet though a private channel
  2. We need to encrypt messages in a way that only the recipient can decrypt it, otherwise everyone will be able to read everyone else’s email
  3. We also need to take into account that one receiving device might be handling multiple users so we need a way for each user to do #1 and #2 without interfering with other users and also without revealing their messages/credentials to other users on the same device

I can not find anything anymore about this. The receiver was a Neotion box and the email function (infocast) in mentioned in a test on the last page.
But this was 1 email adres per receiver. I think it was connected to a serial number that was assigned to the receiver.

Thanks. The way they assign addresses assumes single-user setup. We can’t make that assumption.

To add another concern I just remembered: Messages are broadcast to everyone and then the device needs to filter out messages that are not meant for recipients whose accounts belong to the device. It might burn bandwidth quite rapidly if we don’t restrict the message length.

This is a complicated problem for our broadcast service. But all ideas are welcome. I do think some kind of messaging application is important, but no idea as to how we would implement it.

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Hi guys,
Besides email, what about IM? Getting information from outernet would help lots of people that are not / can’t be connected to regular internet due to political, technical situations. But IM among people would help a lot, like a whastapp, but outside regular channels of know internet networks, through the Outernet network your are building…
btw, congrats fot that great project…

The issue with this is Outernet is one way communication, with one set of information being broadcast to all clients.