External Hard Drive

I have connected an external USB hard drive to my pi, running 0.2.8.

The storage space under content library stats indicates that the hard drive has been recognized.

I am receiving files, but when I add them via the ‘updates’ tab, I keep getting ‘0 files added’.

It looks like files are not being written to the hard drive:

[2015-11-05 04:03:12 (+0000)] DEBUG Adding content ‘297e364d120e4d239bd699f5d7198b15’ to archive.
[2015-11-05 04:03:12 (+0000)] DEBUG Deletion of ‘ccd69a146190bb4d2d8fe01bf94d3c2c’ failed: ‘[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/mnt/data/library/ccd/69a/146/190/bb4/d2d/8fe/01b/f94/d3c/2c’’
[2015-11-05 04:03:12 (+0000)] DEBUG Extraction of ‘/mnt/data/downloads/content/ccd69a146190bb4d2d8fe01bf94d3c2c.zip’ failed: ‘[Errno 1] Operation not permitted’

Anything else I can check?


This is a known issue. We’re very close to releasing a new version, which has new external storage handling code.

Branko, does this issue also apply to the Lighthouse Receivers running the Outernet-Rx-1.4.201.pkg? I ordered one yesterday to test it out. Ken

It’s hard to tell, because we’ve been unable to trace the issue back to its roots, but I assume it does since it uses the same code for external storage.