External Wifi Card

Is there a way to hook up a Raspberry Pi wireless adapter to the CHIP? It would be nice if the external adapter could be enabled or disabled and create a separate network that could be turned off to save power or turned on if you need stronger wifi/have the power.

The wifi range is pretty weak and I plan to use this in a fixed setup outside with power. If I do solar, I have a 7 Watt panel that I would use.

Also, can you add an icon for terminal on the webserver? I could muttle through it myself if I had access to terminal.

I did find this forum adding a kernel module

Playing around in ssh and the entire filesystem gets wiped when the CHIP reboots. Is there a way to mount the filesystem RW?

On your next firmware, can you include Apt-get/Aptitude package manager? @Syed

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That will definitely be available when we release an Armbian image (coming soon).

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