Factory reset without wifi

I started to assemble my receiver for the first time. Then, in network configuration I choose connect to router. It asked about ss id & wrote wifi name. In security code it asked about password, I entered it. It suddenly disconnected & I can’t use it again.

Please guide me to solve this issue or to factory reset the receiver kit configuration.

Thank you …

This is a known bug for now, but it is being fixed with the next release (coming Monday). If you have rebooted and the problem still exists, then I suggest using the Outernet VM Flasher.

An OTA upgrade? :slight_smile:

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My dear been a request has not been sent
I do not know Trivt use the device
Are you in a video guide to teach about the device

Looking forward to another OTA next week. Will the resultant updated Skylark be available in your Skylark Image files? Ken


Syed, what time do you plan to start the OTA tomorrow? Thanks, Ken

I don’t think it is going to be an OTA, as there are tens of MB with of changes. This will require a new flash.

Can’t you post a delta file like the OTA on the website which can then be uploaded to be applied by
the OTA mechanism?

Hello @Syed - - any idea when the updated Skylark will be posted to the Skylark Archives? Monday has passed! Ken

It’s only 5 o’clock!

I’m assuming you’ve flashed the new release by now?

It’s running here!

Don’t forget I have 10 screws to undo :blush: to get to my CHIP.


By now I am very happy that I did not make a lantern-like all-in-one device but put only the antenna
and LNA in an outdoor box, coax to indoors, and the Chip indoors. Have not finished boxing the
Chip so it is relatively easy to flash it now.
However, it would all be so much more convenient when it could just be updated over the network.
A bootloader, or even a program that would allow uploading of the new image to the device to
flash it on-the-fly (risking corruption and requiring a fallback to offline flash in that case).
Even a .psop.tbz2 file just like the previous OTA would be nice to have.