Failed Packet...what happens?

When I see a packet failure, does system re-transmit the packet at time of fail or later? Would you say after download is completed, all failed packet are recovered and resent? I’m watching a Bangladesh download. Why has it stopped again at 34%. It stopped at 24% earlier. It took a half hour to restart again. I’ve have had my own set of troubles. Now every negative thing I see, I don’t know who to blame! Still at 34%. SNR good. Also, how big is a packet in bytes?

Just wait for the next re transimission of data or new data.
Outernet receivers have no way to tell the transmitter that it havrnt finished downloading the data, it relies on its own error correction to correctly receive the whole file.
Also the transimission of any file to Outernet and receivimg in real time; so when there was an error at receiving end, or the file was corrupted during receiving, the receiver stops downloading and wait for the next cycle of retransimission.
Thats why it resumes when the same file is retransimitted or deleted when the file is no longer retransimitted.
The key here is patient. Just wait a little longer.
Outernet guys, hope am right… :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s what we need. More details about various subjects from the Outernet Team. Should result in less questions. No problem. I’m happy my rig is still working! Over 90 F + again in LA! My Tuner doesn’t heat. Got the stuff under a canopy. Go away Summer!

I’m curious how much error correction there is. Is the loss of a single packet enough to keep you from receiving the complete file?

No not at all. I believe the Outernet has Forward Error Correction. I miss many packets and still receive the complete file.

read this if you want to learn about FEC.