Farewell to Outernet

Good day to all. It is time that I leave Outernet for good. Reasons are that it seems that everytime the company does some kind of update, we need new hardware. Reading the posts in the forum, it seems that people are not satified with this “Service” in general. Also it seems that they are struggling to fill orders.

Going to unsubscribe from group. You people may criticize me…your right. When a hobby turns into a nightmare, time to cut the losses and move on. Dont understand why the firmware cannot be flashed on the original chip. A least now I can use the chip for a worthy project.

Eveyone have a good Day and have fun.


The company has learned quite a bit over the last few iterations of Outernet. I owned an original Apple Newton when it first came out. Was I upset that new hardware has been introduced since? No. Apple learned from it and Apple has had many products since. download (2)|274x184 Do you have a smart phone now? Why is it not the original Apple Newton? Well, it did not have a cellphone in it. I was called crazy by my employer at the time when I said that in due time, this is what phones will look like. As a matter of fact, I invented one-touch dialing in 1991. See "Method and apparatus for a dual mode keypad permitting one-touch telephone number dialing"
Patent number: 5491745 You probably use it in order to contact your voice mail.

Having been a telecommunications engineer for over 30 years, I see each evolution of Outernet to be a learning experience. My DC2 is hanging on my wall next to my degrees and continuing ed certificates. I expect DC3 to be right up there as well within a year or two. In fact, I predict there will be four of five more iterations. In time LoRa will be improved and the chips implementing it will be more integrated.

The original CHIP does not have the horse power to run the proprietary LoRa protocol. The original CHIP is out of business. The new hardware implement LoRa in hardware. My guess it’s an FPGA inside the chip that we don’t have access to.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

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