Faulty Dongle or it's not always the antenna

Don’t know if this is the place to report the it, but with the DIY kit I received a faulty dongle.

I couldn’t get a lock or for that matter an SNR > 1. LNA light was on and voltage was ok.

That seemed strange because on my other installation the SNR is never below 8.

Antenna plus LNA looked good on SDR sharp connected to an Airspy, so I replaced the received dongle with an RTL-SDR v3 and got an SNR > 10.

So the dongle included in the kit was the problem.

Thus in case of reception problems it’s not always the antenna or heavy outside interference.

I’m really sorry about that. We did triple QA on those silver cube radios, but apparently there is some additional flaw with the tuner (E4000). We are no longer including the radios in the kit, though the majority of them so provide really event performance.

Can you please PM so we can replace your radio?