Feature Idea/Thought

I am not sure how one would go about doing this, but I think it would be kind of cool if Othernet could send NOAA weather alerts, I know this would probably only be useful stateside, but maybe users could enter their state in DC setup and if the DC received an alert from Othernet than on logon or on the login screen a message and noise would be displayed and maybe the audio out would have a noise saying there was an alert.

Just an idea, maybe someone with more time can think up a way to do this.

Here are some URLs:



Good idea - - we already get NOAA weather charts. Maybe NOAA has an RSS feed that can be included in the News Apps tab which is an automated RSS feed system. Ken

I do know that these types of messages are sent from GOES-16 over HRIT and receiving them through Othernet would be a much simpler option for direct reception! I support this idea.

We already have access to the IPAWS alerts feed, which includes NOAA, but we haven’t yet but the app in Skylark to present the information.

@Syed That’s unclear! You do not have to program an RSS reader! Almost every OS has RSS readers.

It’s not an RSS feed that they provide.

It might be possible to get some interesting information from these feeds for a global audience:

They are quite ‘noisy’ feeds, but the Tsunami and earthquake ones in particular might be good, if you could filter out the <magintude 6 quakes

@Syed Is there no reader for this data?

@sam_uk I didn’t see any public RSS feeds from that site, but I did just contact them to see if anything was available.

They are on that page I linked to, near the bottom. They have some XML stuff that makes them look like webpages, but this is a feed url for example


Probably only worth showing the 6+ ones, but a script could do that.

My apologies. The feed links were empty on my phone, but they are there now.