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Talking with RadioRay tonight. He asked me if I could make my python program that watches RSSI and SNR to output a tone in relation to the SNR value. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that in order to do it where it would be audible on the Tablet, PC, Linux computer, Phone etc it would have to cross platform +…
I believe there are multiple approaches to doing this. It would certainly make it easier for folks to point their antenna and get instant audible (or visual via a tiny LED strip) feedback without even having a computer connected to the wifi.

one solution:
a small piezo buzzer connected to the CHIP.
a small LED strip connected to the CHIP

sample logic just for example:
sudo code:

if snr <=1 play 138hz tone
if snr >1 play 220hz tone
if snr > 3 play 440hz tone (an SNR of 3 is our minimum suggested SNR so we could do something like a multi tone here)
etc etc. increasing tone in relation to the SNR value.
This way as soon as the system is fired up and you are standing beside it to aim it you could have a timer set in software to initiate the piezo buzzer for 10 minutes and then turn off the + pin after that 10 minute time.

Again there are many ways to approach this. this is just one suggestion for a hardware solution.

It "could’ also be implemented in the UI by a number of means. There is already a “signal indicator” in the UI but it is hard to determine how many “bars” you have due to the contrast of colors and the lack of a unit of measure.

Obviously going to the tuner page will show you actual values, but… when first taking the system out of the box and setting it up it would be easier (maybe not worth the effort?) to be able to see the indication directly on the home page with brighter contrast. Green bars maybe?


LEDs are cheapest. The next version of our radio has a few.

With optional speaker

awesome! If I can help in any way please let me know.

That is some VERY rapid prototyping, here on this forum :wink:

RadioRay …_ ._