File upload to Net

A set of files that I uploaded to the net before are being rejected.

Have you shut down the upload? Or have the rules changed?

I was going to upload them again as all the systems have been flashed.


What were the file sizes? We reduced the maximum file size some weeks back, so if you tried before then, it might have gone thru.


Are they .zip files? Those are no longer allowed. All the common uncompressed file formats can still be uploaded

@Syed has found the issue. They are zip files.

I was packing them down to stay under the 10K file size limit.

Also as a note there was some type of red warning box that may have said this that popped up. But it stayed on screen for under 1/4 of a second and could not be read. I am using Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m.

What was the reasoning for blocking compressed files? Do .tar.z, .7z, and .rar files all get rejected as well?


The problem with the compressed files is that we don’t know what is inside of them and we want to make sure that we aren’t broadcasting malware. I know someone can always be clever and figure out other ways to do so, but we need to place a line somewhere.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s just to prevent exploitation.