Filecast upload

I’ve noticed that the filecast upload page is down. Is there a new URL for the upload interface? If not, how could a test file be uploaded?




We removed that feature awhile back.

Hello Syed,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am working on setting up an outernet receiver at a local school here in southern Brazil as part of a STEM project and was asked by the school teachers if it would be possible to filecast a small file (either a small image or text) with some greetings. Would there be a way accomplish this by sending the file, when the time comes, to the outernet team?


Edson PY2SDR

Yes, we can take care of this. How soon will this happen? I just want to stress what was described on the store’s product page: the broadcast could go away at anytime. I think we are safe for December, though.

The project is for the first semester of 2018 with the station being ready by the first quarter. I estimate that the filecast would happen around April. Do you think the outernet signal will still be available by then?

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is there away for us to help and keep it alive?

The cost of doing so is incredibly high. It’s better if we explain our plan on what’s next, rather than trying to prop this up.

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Excuse me for butting in, but - - I have added Rachel’s ( 32 GB USB Flash Drive data base to an external Flash Drive that will run from Skylark when plugged it into my Dreamcatcher.

I’m trying to develop a model for a “leave behind” package when I travel to under developed areas of the world. Ken

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