Flash CHIP with Chrome C.H.I.P. Flasher?

Just trying to get started. Is it possible to flash a stock CHIP the rxos-chip pkg file using the Chrome C.H.I.P. Flasher from Next Thing Co? If not, a compatible file would make getting set up much easier than the manual Linux only flashing procedure. Or, is there already an easier way?

My understanding is, AT this stage you cannot use the Chrome flasher.
I found this quiet difficult when I first got my un Flashed CHIP months ago.

In the end I got a Linux GURU friend to set up the flashing environment.

He also set up Putty so we could see what is happening inside the CHIP whilst it is being flashed. (But this is not essential.)

The flashing process worked straight away.

Once you have the CHIP flashed you should ask your friend to Maintain the CHIP flash environment in case you BRICK your chip and need to start from scratch again.

Further flash upgrades can simply be done by the USB update that works well (but Firefox is not working so you will need Chrome or another browser if you want to see all the pull down menus correctly.)

3.2 Library is rumored to be coming out soon so possibly wait until then.

We have no control or insight into the NTC Chrome flashing tool.