Flash this chip that came with Outernet it worked with Chrome plugin

Wow could not flash the chip with Oracle VM VirtualBox. Because I got a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B I used that for OuterNet. So used the chip as a headless server. It looks like it don’t auto do WiFi with it. But I plug in a USB 2 Ethernet and got a IP auto.

Set up phpsysinfo on it. Neat to see that info on the chip.

Here is some screen shots of it flashing with Google Chrome.

I have a chip I got from kick starter. It’s not the same as this one. But seems like it works the same. OuterNet must of bough a lot of 1st gen chip from some were. This has more mounting holes not just one and not labels on the plugs.

So if any one gets a Raspberry Pi can still use your chip. It has hardware 3D now looks like.

-Raymond Day

Use your CHIP as a headless server for what?

For WordPress and Logitech Media Server to use on Max2play music player with touch screen on a Raspberry Pi. It’s a nice music player and can play video on the screen too if you want.

Maybe PyTiVo to store videos on a USB 128GB I just picked up for $17. Then can watch the stored videos on my TiVo.

Maybe Plex media server but I don’t think the chip is fast enough for that app.

PHPBB message board could put on it too. It’s like this message board here.

A neat web page can put on it with links to the things I said in here and other things.

All ready have Webmin, Apache, and phpsysinfo on it. Going to put Samba server on it too. So can open Windows folder to it to save files and get files.

-Raymond Day