Found a cool idea for a ant while reading on the internet So this article / hackaday idea made me think this work good for a moving outernet receiver. @kenbarbi @Konrad_Roeder what did you think about this idea.

I haven’t pursued moving platforms since we stopped L-band, but I suspect the simple automatic pointing mechanism described would be ideally suited to pointing the naked LNB or enhance cone LNB.

I think the key would be to extract Signal Lock or SNR information from the Dreamcatcher board to control the Raspberry Pi doing the pointing. Ken

While some automated signal acquisition and pointing is interesting…
What I would like to see is a “tuning” mode on the dreamcatcher. When activated it would provide an audio output like the signal strength (but related to dreamcatcher SNR or the lock). Once the signal or positioning is completed, the dreamcatcher would resume “normal” operation. Then the extra arduino, rpi and motors would not be needed.

The little green flashing led6 pckt is just too hard to use.

I agree and that’s why in the end the outernet receiver will need some kind of automated pointing system via motors or via some kind of a array of attennas

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Hi Ken.

How well it would work on a boat. I think we need a non-motorized antenna.

But phased array seems way to expensive.

I haven’t built one yet. Maybe Tyler has an idea. But your idea of a phase array might be good on a boat since the Othernet signal works well under low signal level conditions, but, yes, they are very expensive. Ken