Found old Outernet kit - still working?

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I recently cleaned out the house of my parents and found a box labeled Outernet with a C.H.I.P. . I can remember my dad showing me the antenna and how he downloaded a book with it several years ago. Is the hardware still working (see pic)? If yes, could you provide me some resources on how to start?

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Sadly, no. It’s from the L-band days. The equipment we use now is completely different.

I re-used all my L-Band kit to decode EGC and AERO (Basically L-Band ACARS) - Tekmanoid and Jaero are good places to start!

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What are those two acronyms stand for?

This worked in the vicinity of Cologne, Germany with the antenna behind the window and facing roughly into west. The amplifier gets its power via the bias-T in the SDR but it has a very limited bandwith.
BTW, “EGC” means “enhanced group call”. As I remember, I could mainly receive a stream in clear text showing the identity data of the connected Inmarsat-satellites. The Windows-Software to receive and decode was available in the net.
But, of course, Othernet can not be received.
If you want to reuse the C.H.I.P. you can perhaps still find the software-loader in the web. They had a Linux-image, which worked quite well.

Hope that helps, Wolfgang

Hello! It’s IW9ELR here. Usualy /IG9 :smiley:
Am very interested about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t forget about the CHIP Community. I have half a dozen chips, along with 5 PocketCHIPs and still utilize some for various tasks.

thanks for the hint, didn’t realize that C.H.I.P. is still alive. Have also some of them lying around and will dig them out!