FOUND ONE - Looking for anyone has a spare CHIP board that they'd like to part with

I was wondering if anyone had any spare CHIP boards that they would like to part with. I’d like to try out skylark. I can be reached offline at [email protected]

Thank you

Chips are next to impossible to get. The one I got recently was off eBay and it is a brick. Buyer be ware

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I sure hope not, this one said new and looks to be sealed in the packaging. With the hdmi shield.

Got my CHIP today! Was a little nervous when I was testing it out and it wouldn’t display anything on my tv. Started to go through the chrome flashing process for it, but didn’t want to wait for the image to download. Flashed skylark instead and the whole process went smooth. Going to wait for the fancy outernet sdr antenna combo to come tomorrow and run it side by side with my rasp pi setup. This has been a fun two weeks.

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did that ebayer have anymore?? if so you got the username?

No, from the sounds of it he was only selling one, I just checked his ebay site and it’s just some random stuff. I guess I got lucky.

DOH Right on…

Is CHIP not selling them anymore? I know I saw some recent activity on the CHIP forum saying that they had a slight hiccup in shipping but it would appear that you can still order them.
I’m glad I bought two…sucks that DIP’s aren’t going to be released, but with outernet, who cares!?
If anyone is in desperate need of a CHIP I am willing to part with one of mine.

They are working on a second version which is supposed to be great. It should be able to play Half-Life 3.

Wow. Any word on Dreamcast 2 emulation?