Free access to information will help/ force countries to reform?

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How many people actually died in the 1976 Tangshan earthquake China is still a myth. It is such a high contrast seeing the coverage of the 2013 Lushan Sichuan earthquake by various media worldwide.

The reason behind is that someone uploaded a short video right after the earthquake forcing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC to work together to provide first hand information to the world. The free flow of information empowered every citizen on earth to know about the truth. This has been shaping the media environment in this closely observed territory.

Among the 1.35 billion of people in China, over 800 millions are still farmers who live simple lives and are so vulnerable to hearsay information. It is of course understandable that peasant uprisings were the major contributing effects to overthrow any established authorities in China’s recent 3000 years. Anyone who is eager to protect their vested interest will surely maintain the status quo by both eliminating and monitoring of any unfavorable news.

No doubt China is one of the infamous countries that impose heavy and strict media censorship. The current head of PRC established a National Security Council early this year and an Internet Security Council is on pipeline. Without much surprises Chairman Xi Jinping will be the head of both these new establishments.

I have been working in a satellite television network in HK for over 20 years and for the industry itself since 1982. I am also a current MA student studying Journalism with the Chinese University of HK.

A free and uncensored wifi in the region will definitely pose a threat to the throne. However, technological advancement could be treated as a two-edged sword, either a threat to the authority or a motivation to assist in its open reforms. And this technological advancement can surely increase the activity of mobile journalism in China…

Do you require a representative in China while based in HK?
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