Friends Wanting to Buy Non DIY Kit but Non Solar. Outernet Receiver

Syed I have shown my Outernet Receiver and Library system to a lot of people and they are impressed particularly with the weather app.

They would like to buy a unit but feel the kit is too complicated / incomplete.

They do not need the solar panel and battery as the unit would be attached to a structure that has power.

Can you offer the Lantern without solar panel or battery and with a solid insert where the solar panel used to go.

I think this would suit my friends needs and be a hot seller.

We have just the thing for your friend, but it’s still a few months away. What we can do is include the DIY kit components inside of the Lantern enclosure, but not include the solar or battery. Would that be useful?

Great Syed.

I am sure he and lots of people will order that in the tropics as the satellite is nearly overhead and the unit should be able to be placed flat.

I think you might need too offer a external connection for a helical antenna as a option as the Iridium go does.

Since the PATCH has an SMA connector at the end of its short wire, maybe Outernet could sell adapters on their website. I know you can find them on Amazon, but it becomes a bit complex as there are RP-SMA adapter in use too. Depending what kind of connection you are trying to make, you may need both Standard and RP-SMA.

Then there is the Male/Female issue, and what is at the other end of the adapter like an F type or RGB. Ken