Frozen Downloads

Still seeing most downloads not completing from 98W. I know this subject has been brought many times. I’m back from a long hiatus and still seeing the same. Maybe they are actually completing but we don’t see Complete.
Could someone please explain this phenomenon again.

Hi I’m in the same situation and again the weather app does not update the downloaded data( te last prediction was for 05-10-17…I think that everything is due to the changes they are making, I hope the Team can solve it soon.

I think the Team ran out of Secret Sauce! :smiley:

I think the team is working, and the secret sauce is going to flow :wink:

Here is a link to a write up…

You can calculate the actual percent complete by hitting the tuner status so I and computing block_count vs block_received to see if its actually complete…


“result”: {
“event”: “packet_received”,
“event_details”: “”,
“lock”: 1,
“freq”: 1539.87,
“freq_offset”: -2557.35,
“set_rs”: 4200,
“rssi”: -116.74,
“snr”: 11.58,
“ser”: 0,
“crc_ok”: 317628,
“crc_err”: 0,
“alg_pk_mn”: 28.06,
“state”: 4,
“transfers”: [{
“carousel_id”: 2,
“path”: “opaks/58d9-news-pack.2017-09-05_1743.tbz2”,
“hash”: “bb4d85e4e41c190780b67dc44aee2add2be413137f6aee0c197052281a8c902d”,
“block_count”: 225,
“block_received”: 136,
“complete”: 0
}, {}]
“error”: false