Fun stuff from the Librarian backstage

Thought I’d share an amusing screenshot of a bug in Librarian. :smile:

Have you anything in your web server working dir ./en/p/ondd/settings? I havenot anything there
If yes, maybe it is a script/prog, want to restart ondd with new settings.
By the way, I was able to generate errors with language supports too:
/ar/ (arabic)
/ta/ (?)
/tr/ turkish

/p/ is for plugins. Some plugins are disabled where there is no support, depending on platform, installed software, etc.

EDIT: Forgot to mention about the languages. Some translations have broken message catalogs (missing placeholders, etc). Before 0.1b4 final is released, we’ll clean those up. Incidentally, ta is for Tamil.

Thank you for clarifications!
Are there any published plugin for experimenting?
Or do you broadcast one of it? I found only one python prog on this name in the github.

We are still working out what the plugin API should be like, so all plugins are currently part of the Librarian code base. You can see them here. By the end of April, we’ll split them out into separate repositories and publish some documentation and tutorials on how to write and install your own.

Current list of plugins includes:

  • dbmanage: backup and rebuild content library database
  • diskspace: provide disk usage stats and UI for cleaning up (*nix only, though it’s broken right now)
  • license: shows license notes on dashboard
  • logs: shows application logs on dashboard and provides download link
  • ondd: provides an UI for controlling ONDD (this will be rolled out to RPi in the coming months)
  • tvheadend: provides a link to TVHeadend on dashboard (only when TVHeadend is present)