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Hello all just now pushing towards a complete outernet setup. I read somewhere, however, that outernet will no longer be supported on raspberry pi. Is this valid somewhat or completely? Regards and thanks in advance.

Perhaps the better question is will Outernet be supported on “ARM” processors.

I run the Raspberry Pi and I love it. But I also run the much cheaper Orange Pi’s and the Armbian operating system and I love it probably more.

Armbian is just a lot more fun. Its kind of has a edge to it. Raspberry Pi is more polished…

Kodi / Openelec player has also been written for the little $10 to $20 Orange Pi models and runs extraordinarily well…

Most of the Radio Apps for Raspberry Pi exist and install in Armbian. “GQRX, FLDIGI, Dump1090; etc”

I am following all of the Outernet guides and have successfully installed Dump1090 amd the WSPR installation to my Orange Pi PC2 running Armbian, by just cutting and pasting the dreamcatcher instructions.

I am certain that once Outernet catch up with all their Dreamcatcher fine tuning and get a Open Source Armbian version of Skylark for “ARM” processes it will only be a matter of Days until the Raspberry PI guys will get Open Source Raspberry Pi versions of Outernet Skylark running.

One really important point to remember is that Outernet is best used as a “Always on” device.

It is not meant to multitask like a desktop computer or mobile phone.

Skylarks job is to continuously download L-Band satellite data and store and forward it as requested over wifi. To do this the simplest Arm chip is all that is required.

I had the Outernet supplied CHIP computer running Skylark and it worked remarkably well 24 hrs a day.

I think a raspberry Pi 2 or 3 would probably be overkill at $30 -$35. I think a $12 orange pi One or Lite with 512 mb ram is all that is needed for a dedicated Outernet receiver.

I think the Raspberry Pi software of Skylark would be excellent for people who only want to have a cursory look at Outernet Skylark…

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Hi Seasalt, have you or anyone you know put GQRX on the DC under Armbian 5.37 successfully? I’m really itching to use the DC again even if just to watch bloody waterfalls on the L-band…!!
So, you reckon Syed “30 days” are almost up?


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