Galaxy 19 feed is offline

@merculiv SID: 003 VPID: 2003

Galaxy 19 is operational here in Washington, DC, with a strong signal.

It has been fine since you had the gateway operator correct their problems. Ken

Did a re-scan and found the TV channel, but I get a blank screen and “no service”, @Syed . What should I be seeing on Outernet TV?

Just to give you an idea of what you will see on an FTA receiver, Outernet comes in on a Radio Channel on Transponder 11929/V22000 P 5018 SID 18 with a nice strong signal here in Washington, DC.

That’s all you can get out of it, since the Lighthouse decodes the data embedded in that signal. Ken

@kenbarbi I am aware of that. Perhaps a new thread should be created, but what @Syed was talking about was a TV channel on a different transponder of G19. I’m still not sure if it is supposed to be an actual TV (video) programming channel or what - neither of us has received any video or images, though the channel is discovered via a scan.

For clarity, to avoid confusion and keep the info in one place, this is the NEW channel that is being discussed, presumably a TV channel, and different from the data channel (that appears as “radio” on most STBs):

Details (as reported by my Manhattan DJ-1997 receiver):

  • Galaxy 19 (97 degrees west)
  • Frequency 12060 (H)
  • Symbol Rate 22000
  • Name: Outernet
  • Service ID 0003
  • Video PID 2003
  • Audio PID 3003

Once again, what I just listed is NOT the stream your lighthouse or other Outernet data receiver is tuned to - that one is on 11929 (V), Service ID 0018, Audio PID 3018

There is a big red dot next to the Galaxy 19 feed on - I presume this means it is off line?

I just loaded the latest ORx PI2 image and am trying my receiver for the first time in a few months. I am not getting a lock.

Before I start to fool around with my antenna, can anyone confirm the main Outernet Feed is working on Galaxy?


OK - Green light on Galaxy 19 feed, and I am now receiving.

@bmcintosh – it’s working for me in AZ, USA

I can confirm, watching some khan university videos.