Galaxy 19 not locking in service

There seems to be a recent issue with the downlink from Galaxy 19.

I am experiencing this also. Lighthouse has adequate Signal and Quality, but zero bitrate and “NO SERVICE” displayed on the tuner settings page. Also, the rightmost LED on the Lighthouse unit itself is flashing (what first called my atnetion to the problem).

Does not seem to be a problem with my dish or LNB as I have no problem with TV/radio channels on G19 with TV receiver connected to other output of same LNB. If I tune to the Outernet “channel” (which appears as “radio” on my STB) it also reports “No Service”.

pinging @branko @Syed (just to make sure someone sees this)

Yeah I am getting signal and quality as well. Reboot and it hooks right back up but the bitrate never comes up and lock never happens.

Just took one more look with the TV to check that the 11929 transponder is otherwise working; I can receive all the TV and radio signals on that TP, confirming that only Outernet is affected. Perhaps an uplink problem?

Same thing here. Other radio stations on the transponder are fine on my MPEG receiver. Seems to be a problem with the uplink.

I just noticed it is working again!

We noticed that yesterday. There still seems to be an ongoing issue with one ES113W receiver.

We also discovered that monitoring may raise false alarm in cases where a tuner thinks LNB has a lock, but cable is unhooked and gets no bitrate, so we appreciate you guys reporting outage!

As an FYI regarding this particular instance of 0-bitrate: There was a problem at the teleport. It was an unusual problem because they were receiving our stream, but only sending it to Hotbird. I’m still waiting to learn more.

There seems to be another issue with locking in Galaxy 19 again. Just FYI.

Its better now.

Galaxy 19 still has no lock in Washington, DC, although the status reports it up . Ken

Still being since when? The office Lighthouse is locked on G19 as i type this.

Thanks for fixing it. My system just got lock. I have not received anything since 21 May. Now traffic is downloading. Ken

There’s been no long-term outage on G19. Been a few few-hour outages on ES113 and a couple of hours on G19 in total during the past couple of months.

EDIT: I should add ‘that we know of’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad timing on my part :cry:I recall someone else on a different satellite had intermittent lock problems, but think it was an ORxPi.

Anyway, I am finding lower signal levels - - around 30 versus the higher levels I used to see 5 weeks ago which were in the 60’s. Otherwise when I have lock, my quality is .52, and my bit rates are 90 k.

If others on Galaxy 19 (like Ben at the main office) have larger antennas or shorter runs than I do, they are not apt to see as many lost signal locks. Ken

If you can tune your antenna more precisely you will get the quality around .70 and signal around 70. However bit rate is same for both situations.

EDIT: A single degree of elevation could change the quality by 0.1-0.2. Also adjust the SKEW as well.

Is it possible that your dish got a bit misaligned over time?

I don’t think do as the drop occurred suddenly one day, but I’ll put my signal meter on line and re point it. Right now I’m getting wild fluctuations. Ken

Ok, let us know how it went.