Galaxy 19 transponders

Hi all,
I’m just curious… I see that there are 2 outernet transponders on Galaxy 19 @ 97W
11.930 Ghz. and 12.178 Ghz. The Wiki only shows 11.930 Ghz.

Is the Wiki just not up to date ? Thanks


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The Wiki does only show one transponder Frequency 11,929 MHz and Symbol Rate 22,000 kband for Galaxy 19. At this time, this is the only transponder that show any download stream on my system here outside of Washington, DC. I’m getting 88.15 Kbps which is what Outernet’s Status Wiki says is being transmitted. When I put the other transponders in, I get signal locks, but no downloads.

The place to change all these parameters in the Librarian is in the DASHBOARD’s “Custom” satellite setup rather than than using the default Galaxy 19 tab. Hope this helps, Ken


Thanks for your response… I’m not to the point of looking at data yet ( I just ordered the receiver kit )
I’ve been lurking in the bushes reading all about the outernet and pointing my dish at the various Sat’s.
I’m a retired EE with a life time of work experience in space flight communications hardware. I would tell you more but you’d think I’m bragging !


We are currently transitioning to the transponder listed in the wiki. The other one is going to be shut down, but during transition, both are active. Updated image with new preset will be available some time during next week.

Edit: The old transponder may have already been deactivated. I’ll check and let you know.

At this time, 14 Aug 12:09 UTC, 12,177 MHz/23,000 kbaud shows no data being received. The new transponder at 11,929 MHz/22,000 kbaud is receiving at a rate of 91.27 Kbit on Galaxy 19. Ken

I have confirmation that the old transponder is indeed gone. Currently, the workaround is to manually enter the data from the wiki using custom settings.