Geniatech HDStar DVB-S2 Problems


I bought the following Geniatech HDstar device on ebay.

I seen the name outernetinc as the seller so i assumed that you guys were sellers.

Anyways im having problems scanning for free to air channels.

I installed the proper windows drivers on Geniatech website.

Using ProgDVB picks up the receiver but not finding any channels.

My satellite signal is fine as checked on another box.

Im wondering as the LED on the front of the device is RED does this mean that its stuck on standby?

I didnt recieve a remote control with it so im not sure if it should be GREEN to indicate that its turned on.

I dont want to send it back for refund as it took few weeks to come.

Just hope its not faulty. I seen on other threads that theres a problem with v3.

I tried opening case didnt see any screws so im afraid to snap it if i try to pry it open.

Sorry for long post. Any help be appreciated


Version 3 of the HD Star now works fine for Outernet data reception. It works particularly well with version 2.5 of the Orx software. The “problems with v3” in the other threads refer to data reception, not watching TV with it.

That said, I have no idea whether it works for TV reception. I only purchased it for Outernet data feed. This forum in general isn’t aimed towards TV watching, but I wish you luck.

Thanks for update.

Its just that i seen outernet on seller item so i thought to ask on here. I dont use it for data reception just want to watch some tv on it.

Can you tell me about the LED status on your box should it be RED or GREEN. Mine stuck on RED so im not sure if its on standby.

I just hope its not a faulty tuner.

Thanks Again

I can look at my status lights when I get home from work, but that won’t be for 8 hours or so.

If you don’t already have it, the user manual is here:

Yeah that be great if you can give me update on satus lights.

Ill give another go trying to fix it.


As far as I know, red LED is only for power. It does not have a separate indicator for signal lock.

Does ProgDVB tell you what the signal level is?

@the_bo RED indicates signal lock. GREEN indicates no lock.

This is true for the older version. For version 3, there’s only red, and no separate indicator for lock.

Here you can see a tuner with coax removed (so it can’t possibly have a lock). The LED is still red.

Yeah, I have version 1.5.



To open the case, you’d need to remove the rubber pads on the bottom. They are glued to the case, so, if you want to reassemble the device, you’d need to glue them back on.

Thanks for the update branko.

Yeah I must have the v3 version because I don’t see green light when remove satellite cable. Its a pity they didn’t keep the green light on new version least you could see when it isn’t connected.

In progdvb says signal level was 20% but when I remove cable still says 20 so don’t think giving true reading.

It seems for whatever reason not picking up the signal from the cable. I have latest firmware installed for v3.

No sure what causing it. Is there any signal strength tools for windows or Linux to test.

Its a pity there’s different versions to this device. V3 seems to be giving most bother.

Branko could you test scanning for tv channels on your device seems you have v3 also with no green light.

Thanks again guys

You said you checked the setup (dish & LNB) on another box? IOW, can you rule out the dish and LNB connections?

I’ll ask someone to see if it works. As mentioned on the ebay page, we don’t provide support for this specific case, since we don’t work on TV at all normally.

Yeah that’s true so I know the signals fine. So must be tuner somehow faulty.

I’ll get a look again after work. Im not sure what else it could be.

I haven’t tried my Geniatech HDStar on FTA for a while, but I know using my Windows XP laptop I had to update my Microsoft Framework to a higher level Version (2.0 or greater) and one or two other Microsoft updates. This was before I loaded the ProgDVB drivers and shareware ProgDVB.Version Ken

Thanks for info kenbarbi

Is your device v3 the one without the green light.


Yes I have SU3000 V 3.0 I purchased from Outernet’s store.

I meant ProgDVB Version 7.12.6 not Ken

By the way, I have a manual for the HD Star that came with my original unit I bought from Hong Kong. That unit failed, so I got a new one from Outernet. But if you want the PDF of the manual, let me know your e mail address by sending me a message to [email protected]. Ken

Thanks Ken

What failed in ur old hdstar. Did it not scan channels or anything. Was is a genuine hdstar device.

Is there much info in the manual. Other manual found only gave info about installing cables and software not much.


My original device completely failed. It would not tune satellite channels in the FTA mode using ProgDVB, and it wouldn’t receive the Outernet signal. I never figured out what happened. Tuning in FTA channels with ProgDVB has always been my first test of a DVB dongle receiver before I get too exotic.

Anyway, the manual I have is 13 pages long and goes thru ProgDVB Software usage. An important area is how to select your specific satellite you’re looking at, and how to set the receive frequency correctly. For my 97W Galaxy 19, the default came up with the wrong freqs, so I had to manually change them to see anything. Ken

Yeah that manual sounds a lot better. I’ll email you now be good if you could send it thanks.

Your old device is sounding like mine at the moment not scanning either. Was your old device the v3 also.

I’ll give it another few tests again. If not then think I’ll have to return it.

Thanks again