Getting Statistics like SNR externally?

Im running a dreamcatcher, with Skylark 4.4… I want to be able to contunually monitor and log statistics from the outenet receiver. Stuff like SNR, Lock error rates… basically the stuff in the tuner…

is this available to poll from an external source, without some sort of screen scrape? like a REST API or other interface?


ok found this… -->

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Created a small application as a start to proactively monitor the status or the Outernet signal… it grabs the stats every N seconds (currently 3 sec)… Of course I could have the webpage up all the time, but wanted something more flexible, and that i could add stuff like alarms and logging… Ive got some other plans for it also, as part of a larger application to interact with the DC / Outernet…

its written in Qt C++, currently runs on OSX, however getting a windows and linux build is trivial…

Updated the image and as you can see it shows color for determining the SNR is good from a distance, also added an alarm that will beep when the SNR goes below a point (currently 4)


nice! :slight_smile:

Also there’s a script posted on the forum from to logging those values stand alone on the Dreamcatcher board: