Global Outernet Receiver Status

Can the Map show the outline / Footprint of the three Inmarsat Satellites?

Is there any other info that can be added?

I think you need to give people a choice to opt out, if just for security reasons.

I am surprised its like only 14 units in action.

its just a basic status, and we’d like to keep it basic for now.

vast majority of the units are not used in station mode, so don’t show up on the map.

I am not quite sure what the security reasons are. There is no private data being sent at all - only signal-strength related info. The markers themselves are placed at very approximate locations on the map and in addition I fudge their location randomly by +/-100KM in each direction. If you watch the map reload carefully, you will see your marker move around a bit. No ports are opened in your firewall, the info is submitted over https, so your ISP cannot snoop over it, and the actually connection is to your closest Cloudflare presence point, so even the true destination is actually hidden to intermediaries.

I would like to understand these concerns a bit more. I take security and privacy very seriously, and I put a lot of thought into this implementation from the very beginning to make sure that it did not do anything that risks either.

Rebooted CHIP as I was not appearing on the Map at 22.45 UTC Saturday.

Reappeared on the Map after reboot.

I suspect my router is cutting in and out.

Good - - you are alive again :relaxed:

I see you there. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if you have longevity. Ken