Good USB DVB-S/S2 source in US?

Hi everyone. For those of you building your own Outernet receiver in the United States, is there a good source to buy compatible USB DVB-S/S2 tuners?

I’ve been having a hard time finding sites with devices in stock or that will ship to the US. Aliexpress seems to be the best option at this point. Have any of you gone that route? What kind of shipping/lead times have you experienced. Thanks!


You can buy the PCTV 461e from Haugpauge USA for $69 plus shipping. They just started selling it in Dec 2014, and I received mine in about 1 week.

Go to to see it. Ken

I wonder if they ship to Canada without significant struggle.
I’ll definitely post back if I decide to try.

Oh, perfect. Order placed. I’ll let you all know how it works out.

I don’t see why not? They were very receptive to my order from the US.

Now I have all the bits and pieces, and have to get the software to work - - which is turning out to be quite a problem. Ken

Things slowed down around the holidays, i imagine. I’m sure we’ll see a fully functioning image promptly.

Order arrived promptly. Looking forward to working with it.