Half Bandwidth, Pulsing Signal

Noticed this morning that the bandwidth of the Othernet service dropped to roughly 10000bps, and the signal is not a steady stream anymore. Is this normal? (I’ve been away from the project for a while, it was working/looking normal last night)

Edit: about 15 minutes later, the signal returned to normal. It seems it just didn’t have any files to send at the time, thus the low bitrate (audio only) and thus the pulses. The bitrate is slowly creeping back up, but I believe this is an average over x time, so it will take a while to get back to 20000.

After reading your post and edit, I checked mine and nothing looked out of the ordinary. However, I looked at @kenbarbi Ken’s online unit, and it is still exhibiting what you have described in this post. Could be related to the fringe coverage from SES-2? @Syed comment?

from @kenbarbi stationary unit at 1150 EST


Interesting. Here is what I saw in central VA. SNR seemed to stay good for me, but bitrate fell off.

The bitrate is currently dropping, and no files coming. fwiw


Around 5:30am Eastern time, the signal jumped back to normal 20000 bitrate bps

It is 06/17/2019, 10:00 PM in Salt Lake City, UT.
I am experiencing this phenomenon of half bandwidth at this moment.

@Syed The website date is two days behind on this forum.

Here is what I haven’t figured out… two othernet devices running.
one is ver 5.4 , one is ver 5.5. but notice the bit rates difference

Can confirm bitrate issue here on the East Coast. Still wonky as of now:


anything that isnt roughly “8000” or “20000” is the system showing an average. During the bitrate drop, it seems to be audio only. … The audio is another discussion I’d like to have at some point, its unusable, but thats for another thread.

The audio is non only unusable, whatever it is, it is horrible today. What is going on with the carousel?

If the audio could be used as a tuning aid… or pointing aid , then it could be valuable. Similar to a locator beacon. Give the operator some audio when the lnb is ‘close’ to the correct pointing.