Have advice on Android tablets for Nepal?

Does anyone have advice on an inexpensive yet durable Android tablet? I suspect some people in this forum have tried to tackle this problem.

I purchased a Lighthouse and I’m planning to install it in a remote village in Nepal. I want to buy a number of tablets to support education for villages in the region.

I bought a $40 tablet to test before purchasing a large number. It had fairly high ratings on Amazon but it is junk. (Honestly, I would be more surprised if it were reliable.)

Thanks for any insights!

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hey there @TomKane what you are doing is very inspiring, the supporting of education and also procuring these technologies for them, its very kind i wish you the best of luck incase i come across such tabs ill let you know (: … good day

Amazon recently came out with a $50 tablet, which is supposed to be of pretty decent quality. 6 tablets for $250.

I have not used these, but I would guess these are of decent quality. For Outernet usage, we only need a web browser, so they should work just fine.

Thanks for your kind words of support @pranayk!

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Nice tip, @Syed! That might be an option.

Someone else recommended the HP Slate 7 (if anyone else is interested in affordable tablets.