Hello to KenBarbi

Hello Col Barbi, do you remember me? Over 25 years have passed (!) since our time at 7CG. SSgt Bob Stoll and I installed and ran the VINES system there in the basement, if you recall.

I found this site and forum by chance while looking at something different. Funny the rabbit holes one goes down. This project is fascinating and I’m looking forward to ordering the LNB and also the board when the next version comes out and working with it all. Looks to me like you have not let up on your “No Sneakernet” efforts! :smile:

Anyway, I joined the forum specifically to say hello. I have good memories of the days in BD926 and the data center on the first floor and I am happy to have the opportunity to say thank you for the mentoring so long ago!

Mark Woods

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Just making sure that @kenbarbi sees this.

Got it - - I replied by Forum message. Ken

Hey Mark - - did you get my message? I sent a follow-up. Ken