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Amplifer-SDR combo:

Thank you!

On the antenna, I received mine (via Amazon fulfillment) wrapped in “cold seal” type bubble wrap. The ground plane was slightly bent on one edge. I don’t think this affects operation. The edges are of course pointy and you won’t be able to solve this very well with bubble wrap. It also limits your ability to stack the antennas because they should not be able to support much weight structurally. Remember that Amazon FBA products need to pass the 3-foot drop test. You might reduce damaged antennas and increase repeatability in receiver builds by improving the packaging. Take a look at Indestructo mailers.

Great feedback on the antennas. The next FBA shipment will definitely include a bit more padding. Adding @rachel, as she handles this part of operations.

Hello Rachel

I did my reviews on the 2 products listed. I’m curious why you don’t sell the whole DIY kit for $97 to include the CHIP and battery? Perhaps I couldn’t find it when I searched Amazon? Ken

@rachel @kenbarbi We’ve been a little hesitant to send flashed CHIPs to Amazon, since we are regularly updating the software. We would hate to sell a DIY kit on Amazon that had software that was a few versions old. In the future, we’ll likely continue selling individual parts on Amazon and only full kits on our website.

I really want one of these setups for review on my YouTube Channel, but I do not have any money! Can your team send me one so that I can promote your company?

What is your tube channel link.?