Help picking out parts for receiver

I see that if I want to make a DIY receiver I need:

  • Antenna
  • Amplified
  • Tuner
  • Board Computer
  • Power Supply
    Can anyone fill in the specifications and the bare minimum for each part? For example What Frequencies do the the Antenna and Amplifier need to be able to operate at?

In my humble opinion, the cheapest and easiest way to get started is to BUY the Outernet starter kit.

It works really well, and if you have a problem then every one has the same equipment and can help you.

I have had the Linux setup for a while and then I got Outernet running on the $9 CHIP. Clearly the CHIP is the way to go albeit a bit slow, It does the job.

Once you have Outernet functioning by all means experiment with alternatives.

CHIP will run faster soon! Well, CHIP won’t run any faster; the software will just be leaner (eliminating the database is the biggest factor).

What are you calling the next release. ?

It’s a surprise!

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