Hi from Northern Mexico

I received my DIY kit a couple of weeks ago.

You can watch the files I’ve received in last week in this address:
I’m getting the files from the CHIP by FTP and then I upload them to my server manually

I couldn’t get signal from my office, but I tried at my home. The setup is extremely dirty, but is working fine =)

And finally these are stats that I got with that setup :wink:

For now it’s a hobbie, but I want to start a small team to create content in spanish. If you are interested or already doing something related please tell me.

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This is outstanding! Thanks for all of the detailed information regarding your setup.

We would be more than happy to broadcast Spanish content. Our preference is text-based content in file sizes that are less than 10kB. @kenbarbi and @sam_uk are working on some ideas for a feed based system. Maybe they can fill you in on this?

What will the sources of your content be? The biggest issue is finding content that we can distribute for free, so licensing is a concern.

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Thank you =)

I was thinking start with english courses like this one:
With licence CC BY-SA 3.0

In chunks of 10kB, maybe a lesson every day. What do you say?

I can say this, any feed based system will have news sources in different languages. Once we determine the best source, it would fairly simple to add the Spanish language feed, even though we don’t speak it. The assumption would be if Voice of America or the Associated Press (as examples) have a Spanish language feed, it would be included. But it would essential to have a Spanish speaker vet the content before it goes out to the world. Ken

I’d like to send this (without the images)




Its in Spanish but I think that is ideal content for Outernet.

Every person needs and has a universal right to a free press and free speech.

If it’s too large for the Filecast System, I’m sure you can email it to Syed, and he’d upload for you. He did that for me with the Hesperian Medical PDFs. Ken

@Eaplmx I think you just sent that English course through Filecaster–is that right? There is a bunch of new stuff that was just fed into the carousel.

Yeah, these are good sources for international news :slight_smile:
The sad thing is that I can only find “bad news” from my country :confused:

By the way, I’ve received the first file, and is looking fine:
I have two points to comment:

  • Navigation on a phone is hard because you have a huge amount of text, you have to scroll a lot
  • There are some HTML tags spread through the text

Anyway, the quality of the content and writing is great, thank you Sam for the script to convert RSS to simple pages and considering spanish language

Yeah, I’ve sent that file and was received by my CHIP this morning, with a lot of new stuff, great!

@Eaplmx Is there some way of you automating the updating of http://outernet.plentd.com/ ? It’s really interesting for those of us without lanterns to see what’s happening?

Setting up a cronjob to do the FTP may (or may not!) be easy?



Well, I don’t have internet access at my home, so what I do is:

  • Open my laptop and connect to Outernet WiFi
  • Download changes by a FTP client
  • Go to my office and upload changes to the web server

All that manually, takes like 15 minutes every day

I could automate this a little bit more, but not so much.
If it is useful for you, I can compromise to upload changes almost every morning =)

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Ah fair enough. I don’t think it’s worth your time in that case…

I wonder if someone with a lantern + internet connection would take it on?

@sam_uk Doing some soldering on your Lantern right now. Starting next week, you should be that person with a Lantern and internet connection :wink:


By the way, there sould be a way to have a mirror of files sent through Outernet. Not the complete interface but only the files…

@Syed do you think this is possible?

Definitely possible. Just a matter of squeezing it onto the list.

Hi i am from mexico from Sonora. where you buy the DIY kit
tnx y Hola

You can buy the kit through this site: http://store.outernet.is/