Hi from Paraguay!

Hello everyone, I congratulate those responsible for this project, I live in Paraguay (South America), very interested and as a test I built my station with the following elements:
Nooelec Low Noise Amplifier
Homebuilt antenna.(based on http://www.radioforeveryone.com/p/easy-antenna-for-outernet-l-band.html)

After several attempts to get my antenna to be efficient and almost 72 hours connected I have obtained some files from Wikipedia and others, in total has downloaded almost 9 mb, I have noticed that the SNR is not constant with values between 5 and15 db , Sometimes drops to - 1.00, -0.xx., in my next post I will add some screenshots.

Well done Alessandro!!!

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I am very interested in seeing your antenna.

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Hi Syed!, yesterday was a rainy day here and I had to find a solution for my station, although it has not downloaded anything since yesterday, will have to wait, about my antenna I used:
Copper wire from RG6 Coax
Bronze square of 13 x 13.5 cm
Sma connector


How long did it take for you to fabricate that antenna?

Hi, I think building the antenna took something like 1 and a half hours until it was ready. The snr is not constant, varying a lot but maintaining good values that exceed 3 db and have reached 15db but I think is due to interference in the environment, I bought a usb power Bank that has to arrive in 1 week and when I have it here I will take my station to another location outside the city to do a test and see if the snr stabilizes and improves.

Here is a link of a short video showing how is working…https://youtu.be/yYTjmKD0CPo