High SNRs Observed on Dreamcatcher v3.03

Over the last 2 weeks, I have noted higher SNR than I used to receive (-11.75 vs -8 dB). I’m still above the -12 dB threshold and my Rssi levels have not changed. My Dreamcatcher still sits at the end of 500 feet of RG6, and my 80 cm offset feed satellite dish remains unchanged. Weather has not been a factor as my observations are on clear sunny mornings with no fog or rain.


Has anyone else observed this? Ken

I have watched my SNR and Rssi daily, but have not seen abnormal fluctuations on it. Usually in a day, the Rssi remains fairly constant, but the SNR has varied from -11 as much as to -7 and -13, although it normally has remained at about -11 consistently. I have not noticed significant changes attributable to weather, in spite of quite a few thunderstorms and some rain. Most of that is over for this season here, and our trouble would be more from heat if the unit is affected at all. This set of measurements is from my v3.02 with the 8-inch aluminum cone. I have moved my DC indoors, as it was not enjoying the 100+ degrees on my metal-shaded patio during the mornings.

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I had to re-point my 18" dish a little earlier this week to peak the signal. I can’t swear by it… but the operators of the satellite may have done some “station keeping” maneuvers. Usually means another satellite is being moved into a position nearby, or decommissioning.

From my location… I needed about a degree or so more to the west.

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