Hotfix Release - Lighthouse 2.5.1 and ORx 2.5.2

This hotfix fixes two specific issues we found after the 2.5 release:

  • Twitter images not working on external storage
  • Twitter text escapes characters needlessly, resulting in &amp and similar redundancies being displayed

We also identified an issue users had reported in the past, so a fix will be coming for that soon as well.

  • If you remove external storage and plug it back in while librarian is still removing files from its index, the files will be actually deleted from the external storage before librarian begins to reindex the storage device.

Update images are directly linked now instead of using latest file.
You can get the images here:

Lighthouse Version 2.5.1 maybe labeled accordingly, but it does not update the Lighthouse using the USB stick method. I tried the version you listed above, and also downloaded a version of 2.5.1 from the Drop Box location. Both failed to update the Lighthouse. Ken

Not only the above, but now my system no longer recognizes my hard drive, and accordingly none of the files on the hard drive appear in the Librarian. Ken

Hope you figure this out. My hard drive no longer has all of the news or weekly files on it either. So doing this upgrade not only did not improve things, it destroyed things. I’ll have to start from scratch with either the so-called stable 2.5 or await your 2.5.2! Ken

I also find the MD5 Check Sums don’t agree with each other on the new files no matter how many times I download them. I am using WinMD5Free. Ken

That’s not because of the update, but because of the issue this update was suppoed to fix.

I might have neglected to mention this, but renaming the pkg file is no longer required. In fact, the file must be named outernet-rx-something, so keeping the name of the downloaded file is most straightforward.

It’s probably because the file name is named -latest.pkg and md5 file contains the name with version number. If you try renaming the file to match the contents of the md5 file, it should match up.

OK - - I’ll start over again. Ken

No that’s not the answer. They both have the same name:


What I mean is, the file name inside the .md5 file must match the file name of the .pkg file. If that is already the case, then there’s a problem with your MD5 program.

I think it would be a good idea to have a page on the Wiki (not buried in the Discussion) explaining the new procedure to Restoring Lighthouse to a Stable Version and How to Update Lighthouse.

The procedures from December 2015 have changed. Ken

Yeah, manual flashing wasn’t inteded as the default procedure, because Lighthouse has OTA updates, that’s why it hasn’t received as much coverage on the wiki as procedure for manually flashing ORx, which only supports the manual method. I guess for you guys here in the forum, manual flashing would be more common and deserves a dedicated page. I’ll whip something up tomorrow.

Great - - and don’t forget we need both Lighthouse update instructions and restore instructions. You should be very specific on which of the 3 lights go off or blink or whatever, because using the current procedures the first light usually stays on; and whether you start with power on or power off, and whether or not to recycle the power.

Make if fool proof for us dummies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ken

@kenbarbi I would hardly call you a dummy. I’m pretty sure you’ve found more bugs than all of us combined.

Can you try the 2.5.2 image on Dropbox?

Yes - - I have updated the Lighthouse.

To reiterate the Update Process:
Copy the image without renaming it onto a USB stick.
Plug it into a powered Lighthouse that shows all LED lit.
Middle light starts blinking - - left and right LEDs remain lit.
Middle and right hand LED go dark.
I pull the USB Stick out, and unit restores itself without recycling the power.

Magically, the Lighthouse reloads running 2.5.2 :grinning:

Is there anything specific to look for? Ken

This image (hopefully) fixes the following issue:

  • Plug in external storage, let the files accumulate
  • Unplug external storage
  • Plug external storage back in
  • Librarian removes files physically from the external storage

The updated firmware should not cause physical removal of files.