How can I get rid of captive portal?

Hi all,

Hoping somebody can point us in the right direction: our new, working Outernet receiving station allows users to join the Outernet wifi network and then type in http://librarian.outernet to access content, as advertised. However, that seemingly simple process is, in practice, getting interrupted by captive portal detection:

  • On android devices, immediately after connecting the user is prompted to “sign in to Wi-Fi network”; tapping produces a * page that shows the Outernet 404 page that redirects to the home page after 5 seconds.

  • On Windows computers, the user is prompted from the system tray: “additional login information may be required; click to open your browser” with similar results.

  • If the user ignores these and types “librarian.outernet” into a browser unibar, the browser treats it as a search, which fails because the search site (e.g. Google) is not available.

The UX would be vastly improved if these things did not happen. From what I can tell, these symptoms derive from “captive portal” detection, and I think may be a known issue:

I’m not sure but maybe this is meant to address these issues?:

And it seems as if these fixes are supposed to be part of the 3.1 release?:
But we are using 3.1.

Can anybody tell us

  1. whether we’re on the right track, and if so should we just wait for fixes to be implemented in the next release? (It looks now like this is scheduled for milestone 4.0)?
  2. whether there’s anything we can do manually to prevent this from happening?

If you type in http://librarian.outernet/ or, it should work. As for getting rid of the captive portal, that’s not really possible as far as I know.