How could i join the outernet team?

I just wonder my self if i could join the outernet team and get involved with the Big project you’re working in, i am an ambitious person, i am poor guy from ocuupied Palestine in middle-east i want to be a volunteer in my country and try to develop with any small idea as could as i can. maybe my english is poor but i could manage.
Thanks for listening to me .


Your English is quite good though. Keep it up!! :slight_smile:

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Now that we’ve actually launched, there are a few ways you can contribute.

  1. You can test Outernet software (without actually receiving the signal).
  2. You can build your Outernet receiver
  3. You can help with translation
  4. Promote Outernet
  5. Propose ideas
  6. Moderate the forum
  7. Something else you feel strongly about

Any of the above helps. Please send me a private message here if you wish to do any of it and/or are having any problems doing it.

Hi @branko i could help in moderating the forum as i have already appiled to be a web developer at outernet