How do I "unstick" a file being downloaded?

If a file stops being downloaded, can I get into the rxOS 3.0 and delete or edit a file that is involved in the problem? I’m fairly familiar with Linux. I realize rxOS is not true Linux, but many of the commands work. I understand the trouble may reappear. The file being downloaded could be corrupted.

Same problem,. Downloading is freezing on file “Help Children …” Received packet count is ok!

What likely happened if the file does not download all the way is that the error correction could not compensate for the missing packets, so it’s stuck. How long did you leave the receiver running?

I don’t think this is coincidence as I am stuck on a file at 90% but other downloading is happening.

Back up this morning. Seeing Allyson_Felix being downloaded smoothly. Propagation really good today. Seeing SNR of 6.0 and sometimes higher.
Thanks Syed. My confidence is restored!

Two days!

What software version are you running?