How does it work, and does it work in Brazil?

Hello, I am Brazilian and I listen to talk about this service, but I still have many doubts about which hardware to use, and what I need to use, and how and where to buy here in Brazil, if it is possible to use here in my region, I will buy the equipment for to use, I just need an explanation and an aid, please.

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Wenderson Teixeira

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First of all, welcome to the group.

Currently, Outernet is broadcasting on the Ku-band only to North America. Other satellite beams are in the works, but there is no broadcast to South America right now.

The required hardware, a Dreamcatcher 3.03 and Maverick MK1-PLL LNB are available right here.

Stay tuned. The service works well for me in the Seattle, WA metro with a little adjustment to the antenna. In areas where there’s good coverage, the LNB and the board alone are enough to pick up the signal. I’m in a fringe area with some special circumstances. I added a small cone to get a little antenna gain.

As soon as service is available to Brazil, I’m sure you will know.

It might be useful for @Syed to know how many people from Central and South America are interested in Outernet.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


+1 French Guiana (FY) - let’s say north of Brazil.

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Bom dia Wenderson. Também moro no Brasil, cidade de Araruama - RJ Se desejar como receber dados do satélite Inmarsat aqui na nossa região, pode me procurar que te passo os detalhes. Grande abraço. 22 99994-6987 (zap)
Ruben [email protected]