How fast does this download?

I set up a new one today with a Raspberry Pi 3. It was on a chip. But I lost the login for it and could not reload it with Outernet.

Any way it’s been a half a day and still don’t have the Weather data yet. Just a blank earth. Says No Data.

So what is the speed of the download. Can you check it some place? Is it in the “Tuner Settings” numbers?

One other thing. I guess it just sends the same Data over a over again so that’s why have to wait about 24 hours to get it all. Because it can’t send diffint data to every one. Has to send the same data to every one at the same time right?

So can the numbers on the Tuner Settings say like what % it’s at till it starts over with added data it should have.

-Raymond Day

The data rates is 2.4kbps and the information rate is a bit lower. Something is wrong with your receiver, as you should immediately receive packets, which very quickly turn into files. Yes, Tuner Settings is where you can view the SNR and packets received.

Can you burn a new SD card and setup a new user/pass? Getting into the admin settings is very important.

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