How I can buy lantern in iran

Hi friends I want to know how ican buy lantern in iran?

Lantern can only be pre-purchased though our IndieGoGo campaign. Shipping is world-wide.

It’s illegal in iran you most to know
& NOW What should I do ?

Sorry, I’m not a lawyer. I’ll notify others and we’ll see what we can do.

Meanwhile, it’s still possible to use the DIY receiver. Not sure if you’re able to obtain all the parts.

Please learn it with video . (With subtitle please)
And I want to know can I see the video on utube
with outernet , see other web site for example Wikipedia , can I send information and upload data with this? And many user in iran using from windows os

It’s on our TODO list, but I can’t tell you when it will be done.

Some parts of it. It’s not really like Internet. We pick up pages from the Internet and post them on Outernet, so to speak.

Not right now.

As long as they have a web browser they can use the Outernet interface.