How to access ORxPi

ORxPi2 What is the login and password.


Shell or web UI?

Sorry, what is UI?

Librarian UI. One that looks like this.

After I finish installing the card it asks me to log in ( user name ) and a password

Can you describe in more detail step by step of what you did?

ORxPi2- 6 files on SD Card,run to Raspberry Pi2 and install,scan ,finish ,login and password

I copied from ORxPi2 the six files on the sd card


Can you give me a screenshot of the login/password step?

I put the card in the Raspberry Pi2

i can do it in ten minutes

Ok, thanks.

That’s the shell. Username and password are both outernet.

The receiver is a web server, though, and the action happens in the Librarian interface. For that, you will need to access it over a network (your LAN router or using a WiFi dongle).

Is your PI connected to a router?

yes with wired

If you type ip addr it will tell you the IP address of the Pi:

On my Pi, it’s under eth0, inet, IP address

Once you find the IP address, access it using a computer/laptop/phone:


Success- I received a welcome to outernet

Excellent! :slight_smile: