How to change the frequency?

I can’t get a signal lock, i heared that the frequency was changed sometimes ago. I need to know how to update the new frequency. When I logged in with admin password all I can do is change the SATTELITE the frequency cannot be changed.

I need the following if someone can help:

1- The new frequency for Alphasat
2- how to update it in my outernet.
3- what degree should I point my antenna in the middleast Kuwait



I wrote a helpful Guide for the Dreamcatcher Skylark Setup which Outernet posted in their Documentation Files at:

Suggest you go there to review it to see what you might have missed. Ken

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This website will help you locate all sorts of satellites:

Here’s the page for Inmarsat 4A-F4 (Alphasat):
Alphasat (Inmarsat 4A-F4)

Point your antenna at
Azimuth: 221.9 degrees (SW)
Elevation: 49.2 degrees

Remember that the azimuth is a true heading and not a compass bearing.
The difference between the two is the declination - 3.58 degrees.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Thank you for the feedback.

I fixed the location as stated i do get a signal less than 1db with signal found for few seconds then goes back to search

I kept moving the antenna to get a lock but still nothing.

I read in one of the messages here the same problem and one of the answers is that the frequency for Alpha Sat have been changed. The frequency my board is using now
1545.94 and the new frequency is 1546.25
Which one is correct now and if it is trure that it have been changed how can I update it i couldn’t find anywhere in the menu


The correct frequency for Alphasat is 1545.94 MHz

–Konrad, WA4OSH

No, it is 1546.25 MHz

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Thank you. Then this Wiki page needs to get fixed for Alphasat as well… @Syed
Github: Outernet-Project

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Thanks. Just changed it.

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Great news as I expected new frequency now the big question
How do I change the frequency in my card i could not find a way

Please steps where it can be changed

You are in Kuwait, right? Then Alphasat is your satellite.
What are your settings now? The correct frequency is 1546.25 MHz.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Yes i am in Kuwait the frequency:1545.94 Rate 4200

I bought 2 boards by the way

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Create a custom tuner entry. Change the Frequency to 1546.25 MHz
The rest of the parameters stay the same.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

I tried the custom earlier through my iphone could not change it i will try with a normal computer and let you know

I got into custom and no field change options just read only screen

Did you follow this post?

–Konrad, WA4OSH

No i have never done that update what do i need to make it work is there a special tool i need to get to install this image?

Please let make sure we are on the same page i am including a picture of my outernet system with passive antenna

To flash the image I would need
1- Card driver for windows xp
2- Flash tool used for it
3- The correct image

I can do the rest