How to connect OUTERNET C-Band signal?

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I am Baki from Bangladesh. I am new member in this forum could any member help me How to connect OUTERNET satellite c- band signal from Bangladesh & which instrument need catch the signal.

Outernet runs on L-Band only. You can get the kit at this link

Could you know L-band signal coverage all over Bangladesh & Which satellite found L-band signal ?
How to buy Outernet product from Bangladesh ?

Please take a look at Outernet Tech for more information (satellite and so on).

You should be covered by the I-4 F1 APAC sat at 144-degrees East.

You can buy the kit in the Outernetstore as metioned before.


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Just somehing which also puzzled me, about 1.5GHz being the ‘L’ band.

L-Band ist an old IEEE definition and not used widely anymore.

Actually the 1.5GHz Band ist the ‘D’-Band: