How to Flash the CHIP with . pkg file


I notice there is a new version of the CHIP self flashing file.


Could you please give us step by step instructions on how to update and also some sort of change log of what the new features are.


Is this the package you mentioned the other day in a post, Syed? It is a 13 Sep addition to


You can do that from the UI.

Log In:

Goto Settings:

Open “Update Firmware”:

upload the .pkg file here.

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Would be nice to start broadcasting these updates too…


That’s what it is called - - hiding in plain sight. How could we all miss it. Using the Librarian to update the RxOs is so simple, and it works. Now the proof of the upgrade will be to see if it gives us the additional capabilities we seek. :relieved:

For those not familiar with Steganography, it is a method thru which you can embed unencrypted or encepted files in innocent looking JPG, PDF, TXT, etc. files. Very popular with terrorists around the world. Our Secret is one I have found to work very well. Ken

Results of rxOS v2.0a2 build at 2016-09-13
Install went fine. After using a powered hub the external hard drive (shown as device 0837) and a USB to Ethernet device showed up. However, in settings, I was unable to pop open the Storage Device folder (or any other folder other than Tuner Settings) to see the external device or look at Network Interfaces. So I don’t know the status of the hard drive, nor anything about a wired IP address assigned by my router. When I checked all my router IP addresses on another machine, the Lantern was not present.

Viewing the Librarian also gave me problems in that all new downloads (as well as all other tabs) are shown as -2 YEARS AGO

In addition, browsing the Librarian on any search term always returns the same Gutenberg Book result:

Your thoughts Syed? Ken

The build you are on has some issues. Can you update to 0916?

Please follow the instructions in the readme.

I just downloaded: rxos-chip-v2.0a2-201609160212nv+3060ff2-full
to replace: rxos-chip-v2.0a2-201609131635nv+e92d09b-full

It is installed now. Before I open my Lantern box to connect my hard drive and “USB to Ethernet adapter”, I want to make sure I’m connecting them correctly. I’m plugging them both into a powered hub which I will then plug into the USB connection on the black strip next to the one the SDR uses:

That’s what I did last time when I SSHed into the Chip and did the LSUSB command. Ken

Good news regarding the HTML.GZ files - - they now open fine in the Librarian. Also a 1 GB USB stick (formatted FAT32) was recognized not only by the SSH LSUSB command, but also by the Dashboard.

My 1 TB Western Digital hard drive I used to use in the Lighthouse (formatted NTFS) was recognized by the LSUSB command, but NOT recognized in the Dashboard.

Also, my USB to Ethernet stick was recognized by LSUSB command, but did not work with my network. I also saw some very strange settings on the HotSpot / wireless panel on the left. Even though I was connected to the Outernet Hot Spot, I couldn’t force the Lantern to connect to one of my WiFis :

I’m still seeing all the Updates listed as 2 Years Ago in stead of when they downloaded, and searching any term keeps going back to the same Project Guttenberg file as before. Ken

@kenbarbi Would you mind posting that issue here:

Just posted - - will stand by. Ken

I am trying to flash the version 3 CHIP.pkg but the update software does not see it.

The CHIP software is seeing my fat 32 USB stick fine.

But it does not see the .pkg file on the stick when I go to update firmware.

@Seasalt @Abhishek I think you are trying to update through the UI, but using the USB as the source of the file. That won’t work. If you’d like to update over USB, then just stick it in the CHIP while it is on. When one of the lights goes out, remove the flash drive. The easier way to update is via the UI, which takes place over wifi. You’ll need to have the .pkg on your client device and then upload through the wifi.

Let me know if that made sense.

This is some what confusing.

Option 1.
Are you saying the CHIP with Library will auto install if you just put a 8gb Fat 32 formatted USB drive with the .pkg file in the chip usb slot whilst it is running, the lights will flash and the CHIP will take the file from the USB stick and flash itself and then you remove the usb stick?

Option 2.

Are you saying you can have the file on your network and find the file remotely whilst the CHIP is running and then issue a command to flash with the .pkg file?

Option 1 may have inadvertently happened. Is there a way to check what version of software I now have?

Option 2 where I look for the file is definitely not working as when I go looking for a update file in Library that part of the screen is blank.