How to install Outernet on a Orange Pi?

Hi to all,

Can someone tell me how to install Outernet on a Orange Pi ?

I only can find a image for RPi but not for OPi.

Thanks in advance!

Which model Orange Pi are you using.

Are you running Armbian?

In the early days of Outernet a friend of mine helped me install Outernet Linux version on a Orange pi running Armbian operating system.

It kind of worked but was early software,.

My advice would be, If the Outernet Linux software is still up to date try and follow the Linux instructions.

I have heard Outernet may have a Virtualbox image of Outernet Linux. if they do try that first, to get a feel for how the Linux Outernet works. (From Memory the Linux version is only a few pieces and not the full version of Library)

The CHIP is $9.00. Why not just buy one of those. And Flash it with the latest Outernet Image.

Can an Orange Pi run a virtual machine?

No it can not run a virtual machine. it is only a little $12 4 core Arm7 with a Mali 400 processor.

I assumed as the Orange Pi only runs Linux or Android that the user would have a bigger computer With Ubuntu and the free Oracle Virtualbox -virtual machine.

a Orange Pi look very much like a Raspberry Pi.
They have 9 different models at time of this writing.
The lowest cpu speed is 1.2GHz and max 1.6GHz depending on model.
Here you can find more specs about each model:

The one I like to use is a “Orange Pi PC” which cost about $18 incl. shipping and has a clock speed of 1.6GHz.
It curently supports OS:
Android(Orange OS)
Ubuntu 15.04 with Mate Desktop
Lubuntu 15.04 with LXDE/Lubuntu Desktop
Debian 8 with XFCE Desktop
Fedora 22
Kali Linux
Arch Linux

This is for Orange Pi PC only, the supported OS’ses depents on it’s model.
For example the Orange Pi Lite can run Armbian like Seasalt asked me.

But on the website of Armbian the Orange PI PC is lited as supported and choises between Jessie Desktop or Server:
In our case we need Jessie Server I suppose.

I wil test Armbian Jessie Server and report my findings here.

We ran the Linux version Outernet L-Band decoder software. On armbian desktop.

I guess you could run it on server but I think you be happier running it on desktop.

I cannot remember what the issue was but we had to recompile one piece of code as armbian Linux had a slightly different version of some the bits it needed.

See if you can find any of the earlier forum messages about setting up Linux.
Good Luck

The desktop version has a GUI for the HDMI output and we dont need that.
The server edition is only command prompt environment and use also less power consumption.

Tell me, what is currently running on a Raspberry Pi 3 or a C.H.I.P. ?

Please correct if i’m mistaken I’m new to this:

  1. Linux OS
  2. Drivers for hardware like RTL-SDR dongles.
  3. Receiver software
  4. Decoding software
  5. Outernet webinterface (webserver)

Is this correct?